Root and Branch Church

2nd & 4th Saturday / 630pm / St John's
2442 W Moffat St / Next: October 11.

1st Sunday /  11am / Gorilla Tango Theater  
1919 N Milwaukee Ave / Next: October 5.

(773) 769-7523 /

The Meaning of Make Believe (Why Religion Doesn't Have to be "Real")

Check out this piece, published in Religion Dispatches, by Root and Branch co-founder, Neil Ellingson. 

"A lot happened to get me to the point of wanting to start a church, and at this point I’m in pretty deep as far as Christianity is concerned. However, something I’ve found hard to admit is that the real, physical space of the Christian church—which has become important and life-changing for me—is nonetheless full of people, stories and symbols I can still have a hard time seeing as real. I have a hunch I’m not the only one for whom this is the case."

Welcome Tables: 2nd & 4th Sat/Sun |  Sunday Service: 1st & 3rd Sun. at 11am
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