Root and Branch Church

2nd & 4th Saturday / 630pm / St John's
2442 W Moffat St / Next: October 11.

1st Sunday /  11am / Gorilla Tango Theater  
1919 N Milwaukee Ave / Next: October 5.

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"Religious Poem"

<a href=”” data-mce-href=””>poetry & music at the Sulzer Library by Larry Janowski</a>

Post by Root and Branch Co-Founder Neil Ellingson:

The first poem in this audio stream could serve as a manifesto for Root and Branch. It beautifully makes the case for how religious community can take us beyond our selves, into the presence of others and the sacred blood and bones of reality, in a way that solitary spirituality might not.

It’s by Chicago poet and Franciscan friar Larry Janowski. If we can get permission (and get a hold of him) we’ll post the text as well.

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