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Root and Branch Pastoral Staff

Timothy Kim

Grew up near Los Angeles in a conservative church environment, moved away both figuratively and literally, working now to understand what all this God talk means in a world of different identities/beliefs/twitter. Can Christian language be untangled from its patriarchal, imperialistic associations? Does a "liberal" interpretation of this religion make it a mere co-conspirator with the world? Co-founded Root and Branch to try and figure all this out.  Also: Bob Dylan, Soren Kierkegaard, and Basketball.  tim AT

Neil Ellingson

Grew up in a wonderful secular family in Minnesota, had a still-unfolding conversion experience that made him skeptical of skepticism. Into Jewish and Buddhist thought and practice, but now building a home entirely made out of WWJD ankle bracelets. Old gospel music, new metaphysics. Co-founder of Root and Branch. neil AT