Two Great Recent Things on the Internet

Ana Marie Cox, founding editor of the political blog Wonkette and currently a political writer for GQ, has an incredible essay at the Daily Beast in which she "comes out" as a Christian. The piece is calm and straightforward, but surreptitiously explosive. The context, a liberal political writer on a liberal news site, makes the simple and sincere profession of Christian faith by definition exotic and almost unrecognizable. She also calls out her own temptation to get coolness points for being an exotically hip Christian progressive. (I've been inured to that temptation by early exposure while in Divinity School to the very dorky and insular world of "progressive Christianity").

The other great recent thing is both hopeful and terribly sad. It's an article from the New York Times about a woman on death row in Georgia who started studying theology and began a long correspondence with Jurgen Moltmann, one of the greatest living Protestant theologians, who writes about hope but also the tragic "crucified God." She was supposed to be executed on Monday, but her execution was temporarily delayed because the substance she was to be lethally injected with appeared "cloudy." There hasn't been a rescheduled date announced yet.