Imagine More - Pledge 2019

It was once written that through God, we can do more than we ever imagined was possible. It’s in the Bible. Look it up. And despite our skeptical tendencies at Root and Branch, we can bear witness to this.

Over the last year, we’ve seen things that we’d have been hard pressed to imagine five years ago when we started this thing: a hodgepodge of people dancing together with reckless abandon (Qoya!), sharing honest stories of loneliness, staying collectively brave as we’ve lost loved ones, coming out proudly to to be seen and loved for the ways we’ve been beautifully made.

We might have some idea of what 2019 will bring (and we’ve got some interesting things in the works like podcasts, writing workshops, and some bizarre parties), but if we’re doing it right, we’re going to see more than we could’ve ever imagined.

During this time of reflection around pledging and the sustainability of our community, we’re asking that we all IMAGINE MORE. That means thinking a little bigger. Picturing new faces and relationships. Expecting boldness and transformation. Do your best! Because if the past is any indication, there’s a whole lot more to come.

One-time gifts

If you'd like to make a one-time donation for $1 or $1 bazillion, we'd be forever grateful. 

QuickPay/Zelle (info@rootandbranchchurch.org)
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Donate by Mail

If you hate the idea of money and financial information being zipped around the interwebs, you can mail your gifts to us at: PO BOX 18084, Chicago, IL 60618. 

Some Helpful Information

  1. If your financial situation changes and you'd like to change the amount of your recurring donation, you can cancel at anytime by signing into your Paypal account.

  2. At the end of the year we will send you a receipt with your total contribution that can be used for tax purposes.

  3. For any other questions, feel free to email us at info@rootandbranchchurch.org.