One Community, Two Ways:

We are a sometimes spontaneous, occasionally mobile, often adventurous, group whose schedule can change from time to time. The best way to stay in the loop is to sign up for our weekly email.



All Together Church

Our affectionate tweak of an old-time Sunday service where gather as a whole community. You'll hear everything from folk hymnsgospelsoul, covers of our favorite bands, and original hymnstrumental rock jamz. We sing our hearts out and listen to some thoughtful words about old texts all while engaging body, mind (for real), and spirit. There's childcare (or they can hang with the adults) and coffee too!

First and Third Sundays of Each Month
11am / 3429 W Diversey Ave


Welcome Tables

Welcome Tables are “dinner” church groups that meet in people's homes. Using prayers and readings, we pass around bread and wine and share a delicious meal (prepared by awesome volunteers) with face-to-face conversations about how strange/terrible/awesome/boring life can be. It's community building around our most basic needs: food and good company. 

Second and Fourth Weekends of Each Month
Various Locations and Times
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What kind of space does All Together Church meet in?
We meet in a community art space called Voice of the City, located on the second floor of 3429 W Diversey. Enter on the east side door and follow the signs towards the back.

How do Welcome Tables work?
Welcome Tables are a modern expression of how the early church gathered. They are meant to allow for honest and authentic conversation around relevant topics like doubt, gratitude, new beginnings, loss, etc. People volunteer to host and cook for meetings. Each meeting consists of about 5-10 people that get together for a season. Seasons last for about 3 months, or 6 meetings. At the end of each season we take a break to reconfigure the groups and get them set up. That way, groups are different from season to season and people get a chance to get to know other people. You can join a group at any point in a season.

How do I receive information on Welcome Table locations and times?
Use the sign up link above to fill out some general information, including your time preferences. One of our leaders will reach out to you with more specific information.

Do I need to bring anything to a Welcome Table meeting?
People sometimes bring bread or wine to share, but you don’t need to bring anything more than a willingness to hang out!

Can I bring my kids to a Welcome Table?
Our Sunday brunch group is designated for people with younger children. Older children and teenagers are invited to participate in any of the groups, but we do want to be real that sometimes our conversations can be about subjects like sex and death.

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