Cringey Moments of Regret

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Have you ever been gossiping about someone and then they walked in and overheard you? Or maybe lost your temper at your partner and said that one thing that you know they are really insecure about just to hurt their feelings? Or dipped out early from your friend’s birthday party because you got a better offer? Every one of us has, at various points in our lives, done things that have hurt the people we care about. And as much as we might wish we could turn back time and do things differently, the painful truth is that we can’t.

Instead, we have to deal with those cringe-y moments of regret as they come, and find ways to not let our mistakes be the death of our relationships or our sense of self-worth. We have to seek forgiveness from those we’ve hurt, and forgive ourselves (which might be even more difficult). This week, as we continue the Easter season, we are going to explore whether this whole resurrection thing wasn’t just a one time miracle that happened to Jesus all those years ago, but something that still happens today, even in our very own lives. What if resurrection looks less like a dead man walking, and more like forgiveness? At first glance, it might seem less incredible, sure, but it just might be the key to bringing us back to life when we are most down and out.