Happy New Year from Root and Branch Church

While it is customary to begin the new year with hopes and promises of things to come (maybe this is the year I’ll be able to grow facial hair!), lets look back for a minute to 2013.

The end of the year is my favorite time to assess and give thanks (sorry Thanksgiving…you are about food).  A year ago Root & Branch Church wasn’t around. It was merely an idea about a community that would try and figure out how to live better lives, help others live better lives, and do so by exploring this old, sometimes problematic, often beautiful religious tradition (you can read more about all that here).  It was a hope for a space where people could eat together, sing/hear non-whack songs, and find some reprieve.

By some kind of grace, such a thing has begun to form, and for that we are grateful to many. Thank you to those who have hung out with us, contributing their presence, words, and food. To our many volunteers and emerging leaders who have taken on this idea as their own, investing time and energy to make it happen. To our friends and family who have supported us with their ears, challenges, and financial love.  To the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, the denomination Root & Branch Church is a part of, for their continued generous support.  And thanks be to God who is our hope and our reminder that all those mentioned above are a part of this work.

This Saturday the 11th, we will resume our dinner gatherings, and as we do, we will begin to start thinking and talking about what’s to come.

Hope you can make it.