We Turn Two and a Special March 29th Sunday

We Turn Two This Sunday! 

Watch this video to hear about that and some other mind numbingly important announcements.

What About the 5th Week of March?!
Town Hall and Neighborhood Pilgrimage to Local Pie and Games

Being that our schedule calls for stuff on the weeks 1-4 of the month, a 5th Sunday presents a unique opportunity to do something different. 

On March 29th, we're going to have something like a town hall meeting where we'll talk for a little bit about the state of the church, some ideas for the future including how we are organizing leaders and volunteers, and then have some time for discussion/questions/ideas. When that barn burner is over, we plan on walking over (IT'S SPRING!) to Bang Bang Pie and then to Emporium Bar in Logan Square where there are (in theory) fun games to play. 

Sunday, March 29, Town Hall @ Gorilla Tango @ 1pm...then march from there.